5 Applications For Non-Slip Coatings

Posted by Phil Morrison on 16-Sep-2020 15:29:00

5 Applications For Non-Slip Coatings

The ability of non-slip coatings to provide extra grip for a range of surfaces have made it easier to transport a variety of different products. When a substrate is coated with a non-slip coating it generates higher friction. When an object is placed on top of such a surface, it has fewer chances of slipping and falling, thus maintaining its integrity.

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Anti-slip agents can be applied to the coating either during the manufacturing process or afterwards. The non-slip properties become apparent only after the coating has fully cured. Let’s discuss the most common uses for non-slip coatings.

Food Trays and Drink Mats

Non-slip coatings are popular for food trays and drink mats used in aeroplanes, trains, and coaches. They help avoid spillages in case of a sharp turn or tilt, especially during aeroplanes’ descents and climbs. High-quality non-slip coatings can maintain friction with tilts of up to 45 degrees.

Safe Packaging

The key goal of packaging is protection. Besides offering a safe environment for fragile products, the packaging materials should prevent shifting and tossing around the crate or pallet. Regardless of the transportation method, the packages may undergo shaking and even overturning during transit. The anti-slip coating doesn’t just keep the products inside a crate from slipping. It can also provide better friction for crates and pallets themselves during loading and unloading. Non-slip packaging options are useful for fragile products, including delicate foods.

Aesthetic Appeal

Besides being useful for food and drink transportation, the texture of a non-slip coating has a certain aesthetic appeal. Textured outer packaging has become a calling card for many products, such as craft beer cans. It’s important to remember that only specifically formulated water-based non-slip materials, similar to FP 2177, can be used in the food and drinks industry

Pallet Liners

Anti-slip pallet liners are an integral part of pallet and crate based logistics. The ability of the anti-slip coating to keep products stationary is priceless. Instead of treating storage units, such as boxes or crates, themselves, it’s often cheaper and more convenient to use the anti-slip coating on sheets that line pallets, containers or even vehicles. This approach reduces the cost of the anti-slip treatment while improving product safety during transportation.

The popularity of non-slip pallets is on the rise in both logistics and warehousing. Besides offering increased stability, non-slip coating provide a cushioning effect as well as water-resistant properties.

Truck Floor Mats

Stacking items directly on the lorry floor is a common way to transport them. In order to keep products safe, it’s important to use a non-slip coating. Floor mats and paper treated with anti-slip materials are an excellent solution for short – and long-distance transportation needs. Using anti-slip truck floor mats reduces the need for further securing action, thus cutting packaging and transportation costs.

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At Formulated Polymers, we are proud to offer our high-quality, specifically formulated anti-slip coating, FP 2177. It’s suitable for numerous substrates, comes at a reasonable price, and can be used in the food industry. For more information, please download your free e-book, The Guide to Non-Slip Coatings & Pallet Liners.

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