Additional Storage Capacity for Formulated Polymers

Posted by Phil Morrison on 26-Aug-2020 10:47:00


Everybody likes a home with extra storage, and Formulated Polymers are delighted to announce that we’ve invested in two new bulk storage tankers. There are a few reasons that this expansion makes sense. Here are the benefits of the new additions!

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But First, What Is A Bulk Storage Tanker?

Bulk storage tankers are bespoke single or multi-compartment storage units. They enable different products to be stored next to each other without risk of cross-contamination. Each of the storage compartments has all the rigorous safety features expected of a bulk storage tank. This keeps the chemical compositions intact, which is crucial for guaranteeing the highest quality adhesives and coatings.

Keeping Production Moving

Being able to hold more stock enables companies to offer time guarantees. Formulated Polymers has grown from an initial annual turnover of £500,000 to over £13,000,000. Increasing demand amplifies the requirement for storage space, and Formulated Polymers has responded to this in order to prevent stock shortages. This allows us to keep our supply chains moving, enabling peace of mind for all of our clients.

Environmental Savings

By putting these new storage tanks in, we can buy product in road tankers at 23,000 litres. This helps save on packaging waste and the impact of road haulage emissions through bulk buying.

Keeping Costs Down

Bulk storage provides the facility to store 30,000 litres of a product. We can purchase polymers in road tankers, enabling us to get a lower price. This helps keep our raw material costs lower, enabling us to provide cost effective products.

Ensuring Quality

When it comes to bulk storage, quality matters. Storage tankers are an important investment, and Formulated Polymers have taken measures to ensure that our new storage is market leading. This means that products will be chemically reliable, temperature-controlled, and highly monitored.

Closing Thoughts

To learn more about Formulated Polymers and our expanding opportunities, get in touch. We can be reached on 01706 828 208, or our website chatbot can direct you to quick answers.

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