Allergen-free, Water Based Foil Adhesives For The Food Packaging Industry

Posted by Martin Howarth on 23-May-2017 13:56:00

Allergen-free, Water Based Foil Adhesives For The Food Packaging Industry (No Casein Or Starch)-NEW.jpg

Using a versatile water based adhesive for your food packaging is essential for many products, and choosing the right one is important. There is no need to make compromises on performance, and at Formulated Polymer Products we can offer you a great solution for your food packaging needs. The most important thing to us is delivering an adhesive that will fulfil all your various bonding requirements and give you piece of mind. Our new line of water based adhesives will provide a wide range of bonding options, with the ability if required to add a cross linker to improve heat resistance to delamination.

Wet Bond 2068

One of the most popular water based adhesives from our new line is Wet Bond 2068. In addition to being a great all-purpose adhesive, it has some specific advantages for the food packing industry. Importantly, it is free from both casein and starch, so there is no worry that it may contaminate the food products it contains with such allergens. Wet Bond 2068 also conforms to a number of important food regulations in the UK, EU and USA, so if you are looking for a commercial adhesive for export, our Wet Bond 2068 is a great choice.

It Can Take The Heat

If you need an adhesive that can stand up to the microwave, we can offer you press side cross linker 2067. This 1% additive at press side will ensure that Wet Bond 2068 has excellent heat resistance to enable the final laminate to endure rapid heating in an oven or microwave. Cross Linker 2067 is water based, safe to handle and requires little agitation when adding press side. The added strength is accomplished by a reaction with carboxylate and hydroxyl groups within the adhesive polymer, so that it will maintain its lamination strength under severe conditions.

A Versatile Solution

When we redesigned our line of adhesives, we wanted to offer products that have a wide range of potential applications. Wet Bond 2068 can be used for many commercial laminating applications, with a green strength that makes it perfect for applications where embossing of the aluminium foil/paper laminate must take place immediately after lamination. It is easy to clean up your machinery after use, as warm water will remove it easily. Its ability to maintain a wet edge under warm conditions during the lamination process is an important factor to note, and adds a lot of utility to an already impressive commercial adhesive.

Our Commitment To Quality

Here at FPP we give our best to create value by synthesizing high quality polymers that will deliver the performance you need. We want our buyers to understand their options, so we created Wet Bond Adhesives: A Buyer’s Guide, to answer any questions you may have. In addition to ready-made Wet Bond adhesives, we can create just about any kind of custom polymer compound you can think of, and we always look to establish professional relationships that go far beyond a single transaction. If you want to know more about our allergy-free adhesive solutions, please give us a call on 01706 828 208 for more information. Our website also contains a wealth of information about the different polymer products we manufacture.

Wet Bond Adhesives - A Buyers Guide

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Wet Bond Adhesives - A Buyers Guide

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