Announcement From Fretwork – The Flame Retardant Textiles Network Ltd

Posted by Martin Howarth on 03-Sep-2019 14:42:31

Announcement From Fretwork – The Flame Retardant Textiles Network Ltd

Fretwork comprises organisations that apply flame retardant treatments to textiles and those who provide the chemical formulations for those treatments. These businesses play a vital role in ensuring furniture manufactured in the UK meets the stringent flammability requirements.

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FRETWORK is pleased to announce the formation of a Primary Authority partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Trading Standards. Fretwork members enrolled in the scheme can now benefit from formally assured advice from Nottinghamshire.

A Group of Fretwork members has developed a Code of Good Practice (FCOGP) with input from Nottinghamshire Trading Standards. Nottinghamshire is also developing an audit programme to ensure Fretwork members comply with the Code’s requirements.

This makes it possible to demonstrate traceability through the supply chain to the stage at which those fabrics are made into furniture.

FRETWORK began work on this venture in 2014 but all involved recognise it is only a beginning with the scope to do more.

The Group of Companies represented by FRETWORK in the FCOGP carry the responsibility in the UK upholstery manufacturing supply chain for daily decisions made in dealing with the textile cover fabrics, any treatments made, subsequent testing and ensuring legal compliance with the Furniture Fire Safety Regulations (FFR).

The FRETWORK Group is seeking to demonstrate the advances made during the development of the Scheme and their commitment to ensuring process controls deliver legally compliant products.

Developing the FCOGP has challenged an industry sector that has relied heavily on Custom, Practice and Experience (CPE) in their day to day business. This has been described as “writing down what the text books cannot tell you”. The objective has been to create transparency and increase understanding through the documentation and empower our auditors.

A simple example of this is fabrics that change from one consignment for treatment to another. The skills needed to identify such changes and adjust the treatment can go unnoticed. They require an extensive knowledge of the different fibre types and the implications for the treatment to achieve a legally compliant end result.

The FRETWORK Code of Good Practice (FCOGP) comprises a set of documents that set out general information about textiles and common techniques and procedures and how process control is applied.

The code provides insight into the main requirements of the FFR and includes clarification about the way process control is applied. It includes a Summary that gives a set of simple bullet points to help identify key areas.

What makes “Good Practice” is framed as a set of standards that must be met before a Company can be recognised as or remain a member of the scheme. More details may be found on our web site at

Anyone seeking more details about this announcement should contact FRETWORK at

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