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6 Applications For Latex Compounds

Posted by Martin Howarth on 11-Jun-2021 11:19:32


Latex is a commonly used term for a dispersion/emulsion of a polymer in water. A wide range of polymers are available as latices. Latex can be combined with other chemicals e.g. flame retardants. The properties of latex make it a versatile raw material for multiple processes in a wide range of applications. It’s important to be well versed in the numerous benefits and applications of all the different types of latex that are available nowadays so that you can use these unique materials more effectively.

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Topics: Liquid Latex, Rubber Latex

How Effective Are Grip Sheets For Pallets?

Posted by Martin Howarth on 09-Sep-2020 11:00:00

Logistics and warehousing businesses have been using grip sheets for many years. Their ability to keep products safe during palletised transportation and storage is hard to underestimate. Are grip sheets as effective as they appear? Let’s take a look.

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Topics: Anti-Slip Coating

Non Environmentally Hazardous Flame Retardant Coatings

Posted by Martin Howarth on 07-Jul-2020 10:15:02

Formulated Polymer Products range of Flame Retardant Textile Back Coatings are no longer classed as environmentally hazardous substances.

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Topics: Flame Retardants

Why VAE Outperforms SBR In Carpet Applications

Posted by Martin Howarth on 11-Mar-2020 11:14:26


Vinylacetate/Ethylene (VAE) Based Compounds Versus Styrene/Butadiene (SBR) Based Compounds

Compounds based on vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) copolymer dispersions offer significant performance and safety advantages compared to those based on styrene/butadiene (SBR). SBR based compounds have been used in the carpet industry for decades but it is clear that the superior performance of VAE based systems is forcing manufactures to consider switching to VAE based compounds.
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Topics: Coatings

Could PVDC Coating Reduce Plastic Packaging in Food?

Posted by Martin Howarth on 23-Oct-2019 10:25:33

Poly-Vinylidene Chloride (PVDC) is a water-based coating often used to improve barriers and reduce permeability. It keeps food fresh, improves shelf life, and gives packaging an attractive high-gloss finish; all qualities that are behind the packaging industry’s preference for plastic. As a thermoplastic, PVDC is flexible, clear, and easily extruded. It clings well and resists oils and other chemicals, so it’s often used in pharmaceutical packaging. It’s easy to laminate, and if you need a more budget-friendly option, it can be mixed with cheaper monomers. One of the most popular of these consists of 85% vinylidene chloride and 15% vinyl chloride--more commonly known as Saran wrap.

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Topics: Food Packaging, Cold Seal Packaging, Anti-Slip Coating

Announcement From Fretwork – The Flame Retardant Textiles Network Ltd

Posted by Martin Howarth on 03-Sep-2019 14:42:31

Fretwork comprises organisations that apply flame retardant treatments to textiles and those who provide the chemical formulations for those treatments. These businesses play a vital role in ensuring furniture manufactured in the UK meets the stringent flammability requirements.

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Topics: Flame Retardants

2 Benefits Of Cold Seal Packaging Technology

Posted by Martin Howarth on 17-May-2019 14:14:15

In the manufacturing, food retail and envelope sectors, cold seal packaging is becoming the preferred option for cost effective, safe, secure, and high-speed packaging options. With manufacturers producing cold seal packaging machines for high volume, businesses both large and small can benefit from using cold seal packaging technology.

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Topics: Cold Seal Packaging

New Investment Increases Manufacturing Capacity For Antislip Paper Coatings

Posted by Martin Howarth on 12-Mar-2019 11:24:39

At Formulated Polymer Products we manufacture a wide range of water borne polymer bound compositions. Applications for these compounds include a range of adhesives including sprayable contact adhesives for furniture manufacture and cold seal adhesives for packaging, paper and film coatings and flame retardant textile coatings. Polyurethane foam impregnants impart several properties, including flame retardancy, oil resistance, conductivity and VOC absorbency.

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Topics: Adhesives, Coatings, Food Packaging

Prevulcanised Latex Dried Film Properties

Posted by Martin Howarth on 06-Mar-2019 12:52:21



Dried films of the ML range of prevulcanised natural rubber latex grades exhibit a range of high-performance physical properties.

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Topics: Rubber Latex

5 Benefits Of 2 Part Water-Based Sprayable Contact Adhesives

Posted by Martin Howarth on 12-Feb-2019 12:13:00


Potential users are often put off using water-based sprayable contact adhesives in their manufacturing and fabrication work because solvent-based solutions have a reputation for drying/bonding more rapidly. Although this is true in some cases, high-quality, 2 part sprayable water-based adhesives are certainly not slow to dry/bond. In addition, solvent-based adhesives contain high levels of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These VOC’s are released during the manufacturing process and present a hazard to process workers. Water based systems contain very low levels of VOC’s.

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Topics: Adhesives, Wet Bond Adhesives

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