FP 2109 Anti-Fungal Flame Fabric Flame Retardant

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FP 2109 Anti-Fungal Flame Fabric Flame Retardant

Our FP 2109 Flame retardant is a water-based impregnant compound designed for use with military grade fabrics – such as tent and marquee canvases. FP 2109 differs from other fabric flame retardants in the range of secondary benefits it applies to treated substrates.

Canvas impregnated by FP 2109 will demonstrate improved strength and water resistance, for instance. As FP 2109 is a broad spectrum biocide, it also prevents the growth of fungi, moulds and yeasts on the dried film.


  • Enhances water resistance
  • Increases strength, stability and durability
  • Prevents fungal growth
  • Counteracts the growth of mould and yeast
  • Reduces substrate permeability
  • Increases fire retardancy

Physical Properties

  • Total Solids Content: 48-52%
  • Viscosity: 1,800- 2,200 cps
  • pH: 8.5 - 10

Application Storage Tips

The substrate is immersed in a vat of diluted FP 2109, which permeates the substrate by impregnation. FP 2109 should be mixed with 10% water by volume to lower the viscosity of the compound and aid uptake - after mixing, the FP 2109 should be continually stirred to prevent sedimentation.

The level of flame retardancy can be raised by increasing the volume of FP 2109 in the impregnation VAT. Trials should be conducted to determine the correct ratio for your textile, as substrates vary by permeability. Please speak with us for advice on this.

We recommend two impregnations for most textiles to ensure the best results.

After impregnation, the substrate should be fully dried and heated to 150°C for a minimum of 3 minutes to cross link the polymer bond.

Market Leading Water Based Compounds

FP 2109 is one of our leading flame retardant products for textile manufacturers. To find out more about our range of water-based adhesives, flame retardants and cross-linkers, please email enquiries@polymers.co.uk or contact us via our website.

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