How Effective Are Grip Sheets For Pallets?

Posted by Martin Howarth on 09-Sep-2020 11:00:00

How Effective are Grip Sheets for Pallets

Logistics and warehousing businesses have been using grip sheets for many years. Their ability to keep products safe during palletised transportation and storage is hard to underestimate. Are grip sheets as effective as they appear? Let’s take a look.

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What Are Grip Sheets?

Grip sheets consist of a test liner and a non-slip coating. Paper or card is coated with anti-slip materials to offer higher surface friction and protection properties. Grip sheets are an excellent solution for product stabilisation on pallets, preventing slipping and overturning during transportation and handling.

How Efficient Are Grip Sheets For Pallets?

If coated with high-quality non-slip material, grip sheets are extremely efficient at preventing unwanted movement.

Improved Stability

Many products are damaged in transit due to such standard occurrences as sharp turns, turbulence, emergency braking etc. Even though they can’t protect items from falling in case of a serious accident, grip sheets increase the overall stability of the products, allowing them to stay in place, thus reducing damage and waste.

Extra Cushioning

While keeping boxes and crates from slipping off the pallets, grip sheets offer extra cushioning. The height of the pallet layers plays an important role in the products’ safety. With numerous boxes stacked on top of each other, a grip sheet becomes a protective layer, which reduces the pressure on products layered below.

Meanwhile, when coated with high-quality anti-slip materials, grip sheets also provide protection from water and cross-contamination between products.

Thick grip sheets offer extra protection from potentially damaging objects, such as nails or sharp box corners.

Cost Cutting

Using numerous layers of plastic wrappers to keep the product safe inside the box is a costly practice and is frowned on from an environmental perspective. Not only do you need to spend substantial amounts on the plastic itself, you also have to buy new wrapping materials for each new trip.

Grip sheets can be reused for numerous tasks. You can recycle them after they’ve served their purpose without causing harm to the environment. With grip sheets, you don’t have to spend as much money on other wrapping and stabilising materials.

Our Anti-Slip Coatings For Grip Sheets

At Formulated Polymers, we provide a high-quality proprietary anti-slip coating for grip sheets, which can be applied across a range of industries and applications. For more information, please download our free e-book: The Guide to Non-Slip Coatings & Pallet Liners.

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