Improved Storage Results In Better Availability

Posted by Martin Howarth on 08-Nov-2018 10:54:13

Product Focus FP 2134 Water Based Anti-Slip Coating

When it comes to our formulations, top-notch equipment and high precision are vital for manufacturing high-quality products. Unfortunately, without the right storage capacity, the formulation may be delayed until the plant purchases raw materials – especially at times of peak demand.

This is why we recently made an important investment in additional bulk capacity storage. Now we have the opportunity to store raw materials in greater volumes on site, thus improving the availability of our products.

Fast Fulfilment On Bulk Orders

When it comes to large orders, delays are unacceptable. Extending the deadline due to the lack of space for raw materials is unreasonable. That’s why we are slowly increasing our bulk capacity storage.

Our new arrangements have increased storage by around 20 percent. This means that our ability to deal with bulk orders has improved by one fifth. Be it flame-retardants or non-slip coatings, when our clients need them, we can guarantee quick delivery.

This follows on from extensive investment in new manufacturing equipment, which allows us to manufacture our products faster and in larger quantities. Coupled with increased storage and the skills of our team members, the quickest delivery is now possible.

Optimising our work process in order to bring our clients the best and the fastest results has always been our goal.

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