Non-Slip Pallet Liners Reduce Plastic Packaging & Environmental Impact

Posted by Martin Howarth on 28-Nov-2018 10:11:00

Non-Slip Pallet Liners Reduce Plastic Packaging & Environmental Impact

Non-slip pallet liners were developed to improve the safety and stability of pallets by reducing the slippage risk of cargo during transportation. Pallet liners are coated by a water-based acrylic adhesive to provide the non-slip properties required by the product.

Non-slip pallet liners don’t just offer a high friction coefficient coupled with water barrier properties, they can also help reduce the amount of plastic pallet wrap, thus helping the environment.

Pros Cons Of Plastic Packaging

The amount of wrap used on pallets is increasing every year. Stretch wrap doesn’t just secure items to each other but attaches them to a pallet. The items secured with stretch wrap don’t move during a voyage, thus keeping the items safe from damage.

The obvious downsides of using stretch wrap are the time it takes to apply it and the amount you have to invest in it. The other disadvantage is the impact on the environment. Unless made from biodegradable plastic, the wrap can take thousands of years to decompose.

Non-Slip Pallets Save The Day

Non-slip pallets reduce the need for plastic packaging, taking care of the items safety by increasing friction. By making the surplus plastic wrap unnecessary, non-slip pallet liners save time, save money and reduce the need for recycling or disposal.

At Formulated Polymers, we specialise in manufacturing non-slip pallet liner coatings with excellent water repellence, grease and heat resistance, and a static slip angle in excess of 45°. We do our best to protect the environment while offering you top-quality products. To find out more please send a message to, or call 01706 828 208.

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