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Posted by Martin Howarth on 08-Sep-2017 14:40:00

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In chemistry cross linking involves ionic or covalent bonds that link two or more polymer chains together. In nature this process creates protein chains. Within the processing and packaging industry this process is used to enhance the properties of the polymer ie higher heat resistance.

Our Cross Linker 2067 (FP 2067) is a water based solution designed to mix easily press side with our FP 2068 adhesive. It contains Ammonium Zirconium salts. These molecules have two reactive ends which create bonds between polymer chains when in the presence of carboxylate or hydroxyl molecules.

In the case of FP2068 this has the desirable effect of increasing the both the tensile strength and heat resistance of an adhesive.


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Application Instructions

FP 2067 is best added with a gentle stirring motion at pressing side just before the application process. The recommended addition level is 1% wet-on-wet.

Food Contact

FP 2067 complies with the BFRXXXV1 requirements and may safely be used in the manufacture of wrappers and cartons in contact with food, within the permitted level of 1.25mg/dm2.

FP 2067 also complies with two important US food regulations:

  • FDA 176.170 – Indirect food additives: Paper and paperboard components. (For components in contact with aqueous and fatty foods at 2.5% weight of coating solids.) 
  • FDA 176.180 – Components of paper and paperboard in direct contact with food.

Storage Instructions

The product must remain in a sealed container at a temperature range of between 5°C and 20°C. FP 2067 is sensitive to frost. You should also take care to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Storage above the recommended maximum temperature will cause faster deterioration of the product.

Health And Safety

You should take appropriate safety precautions when handling Cross Linker 2067, and wear the right personal protective equipment. We provide a Material Safety Data Sheet with your order that provides full guidance.

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