Product Focus: FP 2134 Water Based Anti-Slip Coating

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Product Focus FP 2134 Water Based Anti-Slip Coating

Anti-slip coatings are used on a wide range of products, including pallet liners and food drink paper tray mats (for use in flight catering). Our FP 2134 formulation is a water based dispersion, specifically designed to provide paper and board with a coating that has a very high coefficient of friction.

The main use is airline and train catering mats, where food trays need to be retained in position during travel. The dried coating delivers a static slip angle in excess of 45° using the inclined plane test method where the bed is stainless steel.

There are other commercial applications outside of this, however, as the coating has a unique ‘tactile’ feel and excellent water and grease repellence characteristics.

Food Safety

The dry film components of FP 2134 meet the necessary direct food contact regulations for food packaging. Further details can be made available on request.


  • Total Solids Content 47 – 48%
  • Viscosity 400 -600
  • pH 7.5 – 8.5

Application Instructions

FP2134 requires gentle stirring for 15minutes before use to optimise the viscosity of the coating, after which it can be applied to substrates by various printing techniques using gravure and anilox rollers. To prevent the coating sticking to the application rollers the applicator should be kept running during any machine stoppages. The machine can be easily cleaned with warm water so long as the coating remains wet. Dried deposits may need to be removed with solvent. It is highly recommended that coating is pumped through a clean peristaltic pump from the IBC into the press tray.

The porosity and roughness of the substrate will affect the final properties of the coating. Therefore it is important to assess the specific application with internal trials before use.

After application the compound must be thoroughly cured. Infra-red and/or hot air are most effective in delivering the necessary drying schedule needed to achieve the optimum anti-slip properties. To activate the anti-slip (grip) component in the formulation it is essential that the drying temperature is at least 95°C.

Coating weights must be carefully controlled on the press, as the porosity of the paper will directly influence the anti-slip properties. The optimum dry coating weight for this product is between 4gsm for non-porous substrates and 7gsm for highly porous substrates.

Appropriate personal protective equipment is recommended when handling FP 2134.

Safe Storage

FP 2134 should be stored in sealed containers and kept at temperatures between 5 and 30°C. If the warehouse is cool (i.e. 5-10°C) it is advisable to bring the dispersion into the factory to acclimatise the coating to room temperature before use. Do not store containers in direct sunlight or expose containers to frost. FP2134 can be stored for up to 6 months in a wet state. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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