What Makes The Best Bond Adhesive For Wet Lamination?

Posted by Martin Howarth on 19-May-2017 14:39:08

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When you look for a wet lamination adhesive for your packaging, you want to deal with a manufacturer that understands the demands of the food industry. At Formulated Polymer Products (FPP) we manufacture some of the best adhesive products in the UK, with the food packaging industry in mind. We have been working with natural and synthetic compounds for a long time, so let us give you a few pointers about what qualities make a great bond adhesive for wet lamination.


A quality adhesive should be able to perform well under different circumstances, so that it can be used for a range of applications in your packaging division. You also want to use an adhesive that can stand up to heating, without losing its bonding ability. There is no reason to compromise when it comes to sourcing a versatile adhesive, because here at FPP we understand the world of professional packaging. If you want a wet lamination adhesive that can be employed across a variety of packaging, our new line of adhesives fit the bill. Get in touch to find out more about Wet Bond Adhesive 2068 and Cross Linker 2067.


Price and value aren't the same thing, but many people confuse one with the other. At FPP we provide the highest quality water based coatings for the industry. Our value-for money coatings perform as they are supposed to, are delivered on time and on spec. Performance is the key when it comes to commercial adhesives. A competitive price is important, but you don't want to choose a low upfront price over a more expensive adhesive that will give you superior performance.

Green Strength

One of the biggest problems that wet lamination adhesives face is their poor green strength. When it comes to delivering great bonding performance straight off the press our Wet Bond 2068 fits the bill. If you need to use an aggressive embossing process immediately after lamination, the green strength that Wet Bond 2068 brings to the table is going to make it your preferred adhesive. At the end of the day, the wet bond adhesive you choose will make all the difference when it comes to the performance of your packaging, so don't settle for a sub-standard product.


In addition to providing excellent strength and performance, our Wet Bond 2068 is also free from casein and starch. This means that it is allergen-free, as well as complying with necessary food packaging regulations in the EU and USA. Superior bonding performance and food contact regulations were at the forefront when Wet Bond 2068 was developed.

Formulated Polymers

Choosing the right adhesive for your company's products is vital to maintaining the integrity of your packaging. At FPP we know what works for our clients, and we manufacture adhesives that deliver the performance and versatility that modern food packaging demands. If you are in the market for a wet bond adhesive, or are struggling with adhesives that don't perform to expectation, let us help.

We have written Wet Bond Adhesives: A Buyer’s Guide to help our customers make an informed purchase decision. To claim a free copy, simply click here for your download link. Give us a call on 01706 828 208 to discuss your requirements or for a free quote

Wet Bond Adhesives - A Buyers Guide

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Wet Bond Adhesives - A Buyers Guide

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