Customised Solutions From Formulated Polymers

Posted by Phil Morrison on 08-Oct-2020 11:00:00

Customised Solutions From Formulated PolymersIn theory off the shelf latex compounds are great. Order your compound and it turns up and off you go. If only. The reality is that our customers inevitably have their own specific performance requirements be it for their product or for their processing plant. They also must deal with variations in the properties of the other components they use, for example, textiles which vary in composition, quality, and weight.

At Formulated Polymers we can formulate compounds that will enable you deal with these problems.

We can supply compounds with a wide range of properties: -

  • Foamable compounds
  • Paste compounds for knife or roller application
  • Compounds for application by impregnation
  • Sprayable compounds
  • Compounds with tailor made total solids contents
  • Compounds with tailor made viscosities
  • Colour matched compounds
  • Compounds for gravure or anilox roller application
  • Compounds for screen printing applications
  • Compounds for brush and roller application
  • Compounds with tailor made ‘handle’ i.e. stiffness/flexibility
  • Adhesives with tailor made levels of tack
  • Adhesives tailor to adhere to a range of materials

If you need our help contact us on 01706 82 82 08 of email us at

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