New Mixer Increases Our Manufacturing Capacity By 30%

Posted by Martin Howarth on 16-Nov-2018 17:15:28


We are happy to introduce customers to our latest investment in our manufacturing process. A new high-quality mixer with impressive performance options has helped us increase our manufacturing capacity by over 30%. The high-speed variable mixer – which was commissioned to our specifications – offers increased flexibility, a smoother formulating process, and faster results for our customers.

We have been looking for a new mixer for several months to process chemical mixes for flame retardants, non-slip coatings and adhesives.

Our technicians have already tested the new mixer to see how good the results are for our numerous manufacturing processes. The equipment has definitely sped up our work. Perhaps, further studies will show that the quality of our products has gone up as well. When it comes to the chemical industry, fast and efficient mixing may mean the difference between a premium product and an average solution.

At Formulated Polymers, we supply a range of water-based custom formulated solutions, from flame retardants to non-slip coatings and adhesives. These include our standard formulations and bespoke orders for specific projects. The new mixer will take us to a new level of product quality and customer satisfaction. To discuss your requirements please call 01706 828 208, or email

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Wet Bond Adhesives - A Buyers Guide

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