Improved Safety & Efficiency: A New Automation System From Spiroflow

Posted by Martin Howarth on 23-Nov-2018 10:06:00

A New Automation System From Spiroflow

We have recently invested in a new automation system from Spiroflow, one of a series of infrastructure improvements aimed at reducing costs, increasing order flexibility and improving turnaround time. The new system allows us to automate the formulation process, thus reducing the need for manual handling and giving us greater flexibility over our shift pattern.

The system doesn’t just make formulation safer and improve the working environment for our employees, it also increases our production efficiency. With the new automation system in place, we have been able to streamline our manufacturing process and produce faster results.

Automation vs Manual Handling

Formulation of coatings for flame-retardant and non-slip solutions requires great technical skill and accuracy. Our team has demonstrated both when producing precision formulations for our clients.

However, manual manufacturing is time-consuming and may pose a health hazard. By taking advantage of the new system, we can now automate the formulation of complex solutions in a controlled and documented manner.

While the skills of our team members are still necessary for formulation, they no longer have to practice extreme care in order to avoid a health hazard. At the same time, the efficiency of the formulation process improves substantially due to automation and more free time is available for the technicians to do other tasks.

Investment In Your Business

At Formulated Polymers, we closely follow the new technologies and developments in the formulation sector. We work hard to make the right investment in the future of our company to meet the changing needs of our clients and provide a continually improving service. To find out more, please call 01706 828208, or email

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